Skin Care Hacks for the cheap Girl

Hey all,

All my life my skin has been  perfect , no flaws, nothing everything has always been great .. hahah *laughs in corner*.

Lets be real no woman, especially in their puberty years ever had nice skin, it takes years of changing products, creams and soaps to find your perfect match and even then it’s still no the one for you. For me I’ve tried everything from clean and clear, to very expensive products I don’t even remember the names of.

On the internet there are tons of remedies you can do to get better, healthier looking skin here are some of the things i do to make my skin look nice and bright, now at the age of 19.

My facial cleanser that I use nightly is “St.Ives,naturally clear blemish and black head apricot scrub” I buy this at shopper’s drug mart for about $12 and it lasts for a long time! 

Step one: remove any makeup with makeup remover and wash cloth

Step two: rinse face throughly with warm water to open pores up

Step three: get just over a pea sized amount of product onto finger taps and rub into skin in light circular motions

Step four: Rinse product off thoroughly with cold water to close pores and seal your natural oils

Step five: Pat try with towel or face towel

Every other product I use is most likely in your home as we speak, and I only use them for major breakouts.

1. Honey-this allows blemishes to come to a head making them softer to pop

2. toothpaste- can dry blemishes, prevents from further damage to skin

3. aloe vera Gel/plant-  I use this as my nightly moisturizer, this can help even out skin tone and helps prevent breakouts. Gel i buy from shopper’s drug mart the life brand works the exact same for about $10 might be more or less, because i bought mine a while ago.

4. fresh lemon juice-  since lemons are acidic, they really dry your skin so be careful with this one, but it works especially when you have white heads *runaway* hate those things, but we all get them.

So thats basically everything i use on my face, of course there are many more hacks and tricks which i will soon learn in time, but for now since I’m a cheapo and in college on a budget this is what works for me haha.

Thats all for today beauties and i hope you all enjoy the weekend.




I can’t believe I’ve missed two days part 2: Stop being Fake, Just be Real

Hey all,

So this is part two of my missed day series haha *laughs*

When it comes to drama, i am the master of it. Somehow drama always tends to find its way near me and honestly id rather it not. When i was younger picking the side of the most right friend in the fight was cool. i figured it was normal to “pick sides” but now that I’m much older ok “young woman” drama is dare i say useless?

I mean what are you accomplishing by being fake to someone, causing sad drama, where its not even needed. I often laugh at the drama that finds me because its just so ridiculous. I guess you could say that i have a very “care free” attitude and just go with the flow. why on earth would i make myself try or do anything i don’t want, thats simply just going to make me miserable and everyone else around me unhappy. Thats exactly what drama does, it causes tension.

When i was in high school.. ah yes the dreaded drama filled high school days weren’t they the best? *laughs* anyway back to business in high school drama never happened until the glorious grades 11-12which are supposed to be the best years ever.. they were and they weren’t. I dropped a friend those years only to reconnect with her this year yes 2015, thats 2 years without really speaking due to a her then current boyfriend because he was an idiot and didn’t like my opinion . she chose him over the one who stayed up for hours on end on the phone with her. But we put the past behind us and are now talking once again which is nice, sometimes you gotta let things go and if they come back it means it was yours all along.

Grade 12 was a good year in the end, i became good friends with the boy i once liked and confessed to over Facebook the summer before yea that story is a long one awaiting for another day.

In the end during my high school i was a very introverted person, but the drama with my friends boyfriend turned me into a bitch, and by bitch i mean someone who speaks their mind without a care. I became the intimating chick that no guy except for my one friend (the guy i used to like lets call him (Leo)) and my other friend  which is now one of my best friend boyfriend. And thus lead to the chronic bitchface. dun dun dun..

Now that w’eve cleared as to how i even turned from a shy girl to an intimidating girl, lets face the fact of fake people. I’ve never been a fan, i believe if you hate, dislike, loathe, want to throw a chair at a person, you should tell them to their face and honestly it’s not that hard. What exactly are you accomplishing by bitching about it in a circle of closed minded friends? nothing thats what your accomplishing. What you’re doing is proving to others that your life is so pathetic that you must look upon someone else life and put them down. I mean are you that bored?  just say it in the open, make it known .. move on. cut the tension. Be REAL.

Noone should really hate anyone being nice and real saves so much headache please click the link to (iisuperwomanii) video on “lame things people should stop doing”

sadly im guilty of a few things here haha aren’t we all?

Anyway in the end, just be real with people, stop hiding behind a screen and whispers and say what you want to say. Be real, nice and stay awesome. Make sure to Love you and others will to.

Thats all for now beauties.



I can’t believe I’ve already missed two days!

Hey all,

I can’t believe I’ve already missed two days, but under the circumstances i didn’t forget there’s just been distractions happening and no sadly they haven’t been of the male gender D:, but more of the “dramatic kind” lol   *goes off and cries in the singles corner* jk jk being single is another post for another time. So today I’m going to be talking about the “tune of the week” and my Wednesday wisdom post while also posting a youtube video by my all time favourite youtube “iiSuperwomenii” i love her she’s basically the comedic version of me since were both indian and all ha! *laughs*

This week I’m focusing on positive motivation and this is my Tune of the week

Complicated by Avril Lavigne

This is an old favourite song that will never get old, and it ties in with my Wednesday wisdom!

Stay tuned



Welcome to Motivational Monday



hey all,

So today is Monday and from my “updates” post a few days ago that can only mean one thing… It’s Motivational Monday. This is segment that I’ll be doing every Monday, where I share motivational posts, quotes, fitness tips and tricks, clean eating hacks because let’s be real I love my carbs and sugar but unfortunately my waistline doesn’t, and I’ll be sharing my weightless journey how my friends and family helped along the way, where i am to date and how I’m improving.

Heath is a big thing these days, and in my mind it’s not all about being skinny, it’s about being healthy and feeling good within your own skin my motto is this “Love your body” yes that’s right love it, own it and embrace it because it’s the only one you have and the perk is you can change anything you on it if you work hard enough and no i am not telling all of you who don’t like your nose to go get plastic surgery what I’m telling you is that weightless/ weight gain can be accomplished no matter how lazy you are, you just have to want it bad enough. A good friend of mine introduced me to this quote while I was on my own fitness journey and it has stuck with me thus far.

” How bad you want something is meaningless, it’s pointless if how bad you’re willing to work for the thing you want isn’t 10x more intense as how bad you want it “- LOS

Basically what the quote is telling us is that, nothing you want in life comes easy and if you’re not willing to work for it then clearly you don’t want it bad enough it can go for anything in life really, career, friendships, love relationships, anything.

With that quote in mind, keep your heads high and go workout, cook a nice healthy meal, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it!

I did arms and back today , man was that a struggle, considering I’ve decided to lift heavier, and beauties the bright side is the heavier you  lift, the better your arms and ass will look and don’t we all want that haha.

Anyway beauties that’s all for today, what are your workout routines, pep talks and stories send me a message on Facebook, tweet me or e-mail.



Fun and Flirty Valentine’s day makeup


Hey all,

So I know I haven’t updated all week  and I figured since yesterday was Valentine’s day that i’d do a flirty makeup look for all you beauties out there so if you want to know how i created the look above and the products i used keep reading!


First of all I know many of you out there use foundation or a tinted moisturizer almost everyday, I feel like with my skin tone and the price of my foundation i just don’t need it everyday per say so for this look, no foundation is needed, unless of course you feel like you need it. However in the new future I will be posting a review of the product I use which is “Bare minerals in liquid form” which is about $45 at Sephora.


For this look I used “Kat Von D’s * Tattoo Liner (liquid)”  purchased for $23 at Sephora. I made a thin line starting from the inner corner of the lid getting thinker as i proceed out and ended with a wing to add a bit of length and flare to my eyes, (waterproof, long lasting, no flaking)

Next i used  Sephora’s collection “#35- Romantic Comedy Contour eye pencil 24/h wear “(waterproof) for $12. outlining the water line and lash line for a smokey effect and going over top of the black liner just on the Winged part to brighten the top lid.

I then used “Revlon’s colorstay eye shadow palette” purchased for $12 at Shopper’s Drug Mart, using the lightest colour to highlight my brow bone and to open the eyes.

* Mascara and an eyelash curing is optional, I usually wear Almay One coat, Get up & Grow for Brown eyes Purchased for $12 from Shopper’s Drug Mart. *


The first one i used is called “Chocolate Soleil in medium/deep matte from Too Faced”, for $35 from Sephora.  I used this to create that Kylie Jenner cheek bone look, i wanted the effect of chiseled cheeks and this stuff actually smells like chocolate!

Second i wanted to also add a summery glow, because sadly here in Canada it was -27 degrees outside I’m pale as a ghost lo. So i used “DiorSkin Nude Tan in Light” which is a (Heathy glow enhancing powder) it adds a bit of sparkle to your face and makes it look like you just got off the plane. I purchased this for a whopping $60.  I placed this in a 3 motion on either side of my face and down my neck making it deeper at the cheeks to get more of a chiseled look.


Now before you go look for this brand it sadly has been discontinued which sucks but i made sure i stocked up on it before it left the stores and I’m sure there are a ton of products that are similar in colour.  I used “Marcelle cream blush in Colour Raspberry” purchased for $13 at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Placing this just on the apples of my cheeks giving me the “I’m alive look” lol!


To get that Kylie Jenner look, I’ve been watching Youtube tutorials and was recently at a photoshoot wear the makeup artist basically told its just over drawing your natural line above the cupid’s bow and just underneath your bottom lip in the centre with a nude coloured lipliner, that simple.

However for myself, i already a full Lip so what i do to make them just a tad fuller is i apply my Lip colour first which in the case it’s a “Baby Pink matte colour”, not sure wear i purchased this from considering the tube doesn’t have a label which sucks but sephora has many brands that carry basically  the same colour.

So after i apply the desired lip colour, i usually only do this if I’m wearing a gloss, chapstick, or a pink colour. i outline just the cupid’s bow and underneath the centre of the bottom lip with “Inner Rim Linner” from Tarte purchased for $23 at Sephora, smudging it in for an almost barely there plump. Now this product is actually supposed to be for the waterline making you have that “I’m awake effect” but i feel like it can be used aa a lip liner.

That’s all for now Beauties and i hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines’s Day Single or Not, I know I enjoyed my Netflix watching, lazy chocolate eating Day haha!





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Hey all,

So I’ve decided to post something each day within the week (monday-friday), here’s what you can expect!

Monday– Will be Motivational Monday consisting of heath tips and tricks, videos of workouts  , speeches etc

Tuesday– Will be “whats the tune of the week?”sharing my music obsession for the week

Wednesday– Will be Wisdom Wednesdays, I’ll be sharing my personal stories, from weightloss, boys , dating and more, giving advice etc

Thursday– These are tough days for me since I’m extremely busy, so they will be my catch up days, filler days random thing days haha!

Friday– Will be “fierce Fridays” consisting of major beauty hacks, tips, tricks and style ideas and maybe some reviews of some major products.. I’m a guilty Sephora lover

Thats all for now Beauties.



What’s the new tune of the week?

Hey all,

Now i know what you’re all wondering “what the heck is the tune of the week?

Well each week I’m going to post a a song thats my jam for that week, usually the music i listen to really shows what my mood is. I find music to be a big part of my life, whether I’m sad or happy a song can lift or drop my mood in a second, it can bring back a thousand memories, people say that pictures usually do that in which they do but for me is music. Music of all things brings back memories, the good, the bad, the ugly, the best. I guess it’s all about how you look at music, are you the type of person who just listens to the lyrics? or do you prefer the beat of the music itself?

Me? im a lyrical lisener, i prefer to really connect with lyrics, I’m  the type of women whose favourite song of the week, ay, moment, year will basically tell you all you need to know about me. However when it comes to dancing I’m all about the EDM suff almost like the rave music lol!

Anyway for now here is the song of the week, it’s literally been on repeat everyday, all day and i love it.. why the rhythm of the music itself is so soothing, and the lyrics are amazing .

Railroad track By Willy Moon

Video on thanks to OfficialTMR

What’s your favourite song of the week?

That’s all for now beauties,