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Hello and welcome to Monday , now please excuse me while I go banter off a ton of words about life and womanly things that might not mean much to you.

Kidding, of course, this blog was actually supposed to be dedicated to healthy living, I’ve always had a passion for eating healthy an working out. Actually that’s a lie, i really like my sweets and my carbs whenever i can get them, men think that women’s main goal is to find the love of their life.. yeah while that might be all nice and dandy, the women i know , their main goal is to eat whatever they want without the worry of gaining those unwanted pounds am i right ladies?.. i rest my case

However ever since grade 12, wow seems like forever ago except the fact that it was only 2 years ago but still a lot happens in two years. Anyway grade 12 was when i really got into fitness now that may or may not be because the boy i liked at the time was really into fitness, and my fitness story is actually how him and i are now friends.. but i’ll save that story for another time.

Enjoy your snow day beauties, if you’re from the Canadian region that is.




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