Skin Care Hacks for the cheap Girl

Hey all,

All my life my skin has been  perfect , no flaws, nothing everything has always been great .. hahah *laughs in corner*.

Lets be real no woman, especially in their puberty years ever had nice skin, it takes years of changing products, creams and soaps to find your perfect match and even then it’s still no the one for you. For me I’ve tried everything from clean and clear, to very expensive products I don’t even remember the names of.

On the internet there are tons of remedies you can do to get better, healthier looking skin here are some of the things i do to make my skin look nice and bright, now at the age of 19.

My facial cleanser that I use nightly is “St.Ives,naturally clear blemish and black head apricot scrub” I buy this at shopper’s drug mart for about $12 and it lasts for a long time! 

Step one: remove any makeup with makeup remover and wash cloth

Step two: rinse face throughly with warm water to open pores up

Step three: get just over a pea sized amount of product onto finger taps and rub into skin in light circular motions

Step four: Rinse product off thoroughly with cold water to close pores and seal your natural oils

Step five: Pat try with towel or face towel

Every other product I use is most likely in your home as we speak, and I only use them for major breakouts.

1. Honey-this allows blemishes to come to a head making them softer to pop

2. toothpaste- can dry blemishes, prevents from further damage to skin

3. aloe vera Gel/plant-  I use this as my nightly moisturizer, this can help even out skin tone and helps prevent breakouts. Gel i buy from shopper’s drug mart the life brand works the exact same for about $10 might be more or less, because i bought mine a while ago.

4. fresh lemon juice-  since lemons are acidic, they really dry your skin so be careful with this one, but it works especially when you have white heads *runaway* hate those things, but we all get them.

So thats basically everything i use on my face, of course there are many more hacks and tricks which i will soon learn in time, but for now since I’m a cheapo and in college on a budget this is what works for me haha.

Thats all for today beauties and i hope you all enjoy the weekend.




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