‘Cause you know I love the players, And you love the game… but it made me wiser

Hey Beauties,

*Before I start off with my dating and men rant, if you listened to my previous post it will all seem a tad clearer.

Yes you all read that title right, it’s simply the one lyric in Taylor Swifts “Blank Space” that i can relate to, actually that whole song should be my theme song whenever i walk into a room. Actually scratch that her whole album 1989 should just starting playing wherever I go.

From my last post about my Tinder “Hookup Heartbreak” which i hope you all enjoyed listening to, and believe it or not everything i said was true, that guy with all of his magical qualities  left me heartbroken and yes it sucked and it still does sadly because somehow he still has a hold over me. I guess there’s apart of me that still has hope, but I know at the end of the day he’s gone. And you know what they say “Let something or someone go and if they come back, it was meant to be. If they don’t they weren’t yours in the first place.”

To summarize my dating life thus far > It’s almost as if I have the words “Come at me I love players and getting played” tattooed to my face. I don’t just to be clear.  They seem to gravitate toward me, and with in mind last year I was very naive, maybe almost desperate, and a tad bit lonely.

With all that being said, I’ve always been told that I come off as a “Bitch”, “Too Picky”, Too Quiet” etc. in daily life and especially in the dating world. Maybe I’m picky because I have standards, maybe I’m a bitch because I’ve been played too many times and maybe I’m quiet because id rather listen than speak.

At the end of the day dealing with all the players and the new-found word “Fuck boys” has taught me to not only be a bitch but to be a wiser bitch, something my Oma told me when I was really irritated one day. “It’s not about being the bigger bitch it’s about being the wiser bitch”

With all the mind games and tricks going on these days, it’s almost impossible to find “The one” so we resort to using online dating which coming from experience is the most useless crap ever. Don’t do it. I had tinder 3 times before I told myself that this was useless and th guys were just looking for a good time. Have enough respect for yourself to let the online dating go, become wiser and realize that childish games are not ok.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that in todays dating world you have to learn to play the game but in a wise manner and thats what I’ve learned . You have to just go on with your life and let it happen. Don’t plan.

Because of all this I’m no longer naive lonely desperate I’m happy and that’s what matters. As long as you make yourself happy, because quite honestly and i had to learn the hard way someone else will in no way make your life any better if you’re not happy to start off with. You cannot combine two problems and hope to make a fix.

This week I’m also going to be posting a video what will it be? A rant about dating perhaps or a make tutorial or both who knows actually haha.

Anyway that’s all for today and later I’ll be posting what this week’s tune of the week is.




3 thoughts on “‘Cause you know I love the players, And you love the game… but it made me wiser”

  1. I completely agree.
    Although I met my now gf on a site, it was totally a fluke as I was trying to deactivate it and got a msg online. But i think majority is better to wise up and go out with friends and try to meet people that way, its more genuine of a connection both physical and first impressions. Hopefully its not wasted at a bar but whatever works for people if they are happy right?

    Hoping someone just bumps into you and you hit it off!

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    1. It’s great to hear that you met someone and it’s working out quite nicely for you even if it was online :). But I’m also glad that you agree, our lives are spent to much online and not enough face to face and that’s why the majority of us run away scared when faced with real life propositions. In the end it’s just better to put the phone down and get out there.

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      1. Couldn’t agree more. We have our time even as a couple on our phones with friends (we have long distant friends mostly because we both migrated out west) but when it comes to dinner or bed time. Just us. No TV, nothing. Just conversation.

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