About Dayna-Marie

10686888_10205092092004555_7990835299811145906_nIMG_0056 (12 x 15)

Dayna-Marie Forderer is an Indian/ German Actress, Model, and Writer from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, currently studying journalism at sheridan college in Oakville Ontario. her goals are to be in at least one movie of each genre (horror, thriller, drama, romance, comedy), become a writer for cosmopolitan magazine in NYC, Travel the world and create a fashion line and agency for “medium sized women” (not plus sized nor runway model size) and of course become a full time model.

Dayna’s hobbies include keeping a healthy lifestyle , eating snacks and over obsessing over characters on her favourite Netflix shows.. those characters are mostly men. She loves the art of photography especially black and white photos. She also enjoys cats because lets be real they’re awesome… dogs are cool to Dayna tends to surround herself with positive energies.. its all about the Zen life. She loves her friends and family more than the world itself, but nature is really pretty so its a close call. Dayna’s second language is Sarcasm, and she has chronic bitch face.. she’s nice its just her face.

Dayna’s Motto- “If anyone hates on you, just throw glitter on them and tell them to have a nice day ” 😀 ❤


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