What’s the new tune of the week?

Hey all,

Now i know what you’re all wondering “what the heck is the tune of the week?

Well each week I’m going to post a a song thats my jam for that week, usually the music i listen to really shows what my mood is. I find music to be a big part of my life, whether I’m sad or happy a song can lift or drop my mood in a second, it can bring back a thousand memories, people say that pictures usually do that in which they do but for me is music. Music of all things brings back memories, the good, the bad, the ugly, the best. I guess it’s all about how you look at music, are you the type of person who just listens to the lyrics? or do you prefer the beat of the music itself?

Me? im a lyrical lisener, i prefer to really connect with lyrics, I’m ┬áthe type of women whose favourite song of the week, ay, moment, year will basically tell you all you need to know about me. However when it comes to dancing I’m all about the EDM suff almost like the rave music lol!

Anyway for now here is the song of the week, it’s literally been on repeat everyday, all day and i love it.. why the rhythm of the music itself is so soothing, and the lyrics are amazing .

Railroad track By Willy Moon

Video on youtube.com thanks to OfficialTMR

What’s your favourite song of the week?

That’s all for now beauties,






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Hello and welcome to my first official blog post, now i know what you’re thinking “oh god this is just going to be another Elite daily where a female will rant about female problems and bash men and claim to eat healthy while secretly downing a box of donuts”….

Well I’m not going to sugar coat it but the above thought isn’t exactly false, i mean c’mon elite daily is the best and donuts lets be real here they’re awesome no matter if your male or female and as far as bashing men goes, no I’m not going to bash men in fact sometimes i will vouch for them but others well we’ll just have to see won’t we.

For now my fellow beauties, considering most of my audience will be female based i will see you later and i wish you all the best for this dreadful Monday …





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Hello and welcome to Monday , now please excuse me while I go banter off a ton of words about life and womanly things that might not mean much to you.

Kidding, of course, this blog was actually supposed to be dedicated to healthy living, I’ve always had a passion for eating healthy an working out. Actually that’s a lie, i really like my sweets and my carbs whenever i can get them, men think that women’s main goal is to find the love of their life.. yeah while that might be all nice and dandy, the women i know , their main goal is to eat whatever they want without the worry of gaining those unwanted pounds am i right ladies?.. i rest my case

However ever since grade 12, wow seems like forever ago except the fact that it was only 2 years ago but still a lot happens in two years. Anyway grade 12 was when i really got into fitness now that may or may not be because the boy i liked at the time was really into fitness, and my fitness story is actually how him and i are now friends.. but i’ll save that story for another time.

Enjoy your snow day beauties, if you’re from the Canadian region that is.



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