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My standards aren’t high, you’re just not my perfect

Hey Beauties,

So today I decided to do another podcast, I actually love doing these.

“I actually don’t think my standards are high at all, the world as has come to a sad, sad place where everyone just settles.”


I’m current reading Minday Kaling’s book called ” Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)” and I finally got to the chapter of boys and romance  where I found my newest most favourite piece advice to ever give a man.


This speaks to me a lot, look I love when a guy gets a little jealous or over protective it shows he cares and it brings off this “She’s my woman” kind of vibe which I find incredibly sexy.

Finding this quote brought on the idea of doing a write-up on My perfect Man especially with everyone always asking me what my type is or telling me that I’m too picky, please I have standards and this si why I think none of them are high at all.

I hope you all enjoy listening 🙂




I’m Real, Positive and ready to go

Hey Beauties,

Lately I’ve been posting a lot about dating and my previous experience that’s ended in heartbreak which ties in with today’s post.

I’m going to share myself, yes kids I AM REAL haha. Not that you all thought I wasn’t but hey why not post a video that’s  both kind of funny and positive?


Basically what I’m trying to get across here is that Being an all around positive person will get you further than being negative. Trust me I’ve been that negative Nelly and it wasn’t pleasant for anyone. From all the previous players I’ve dealt with, its taught me to be a better more positive person, learning that at the end of the day the only person who will love you endlessly is yourself. That may sound vain or superficial but its the truth at least to me.

I honestly feel like in today’s society a lot of people are negative why? because they resort to online dating, hiding behind screens and fat/ skinny shaming people they don’t even know.

Am i even making sense right now?

Positive body image, mind, soul and dating life all comes from within. Start off with making yourself happy and believe me DO NOT change yourself for anyone, it never works and while you’re at it DO NOT try to change anyone either. People only change if they want to, not if someone offers to do it for them.

To find that perfect person look no further than the mirror, because that’s the person you have to see everyday in and out through thick and thin. They are the ones who cry with you when sad and watch endless movies with. Love that person first, before anyone else and I promise another person who will almost be like the “cherry on top” will come along.

I’ll let what I said in the video speak for itself.



Plus Size Model: Ashley Graham thanks to Google Images



‘Cause you know I love the players, And you love the game… but it made me wiser

Hey Beauties,

*Before I start off with my dating and men rant, if you listened to my previous post it will all seem a tad clearer.

Yes you all read that title right, it’s simply the one lyric in Taylor Swifts “Blank Space” that i can relate to, actually that whole song should be my theme song whenever i walk into a room. Actually scratch that her whole album 1989 should just starting playing wherever I go.

From my last post about my Tinder “Hookup Heartbreak” which i hope you all enjoyed listening to, and believe it or not everything i said was true, that guy with all of his magical qualities  left me heartbroken and yes it sucked and it still does sadly because somehow he still has a hold over me. I guess there’s apart of me that still has hope, but I know at the end of the day he’s gone. And you know what they say “Let something or someone go and if they come back, it was meant to be. If they don’t they weren’t yours in the first place.”

To summarize my dating life thus far > It’s almost as if I have the words “Come at me I love players and getting played” tattooed to my face. I don’t just to be clear.  They seem to gravitate toward me, and with in mind last year I was very naive, maybe almost desperate, and a tad bit lonely.

With all that being said, I’ve always been told that I come off as a “Bitch”, “Too Picky”, Too Quiet” etc. in daily life and especially in the dating world. Maybe I’m picky because I have standards, maybe I’m a bitch because I’ve been played too many times and maybe I’m quiet because id rather listen than speak.

At the end of the day dealing with all the players and the new-found word “Fuck boys” has taught me to not only be a bitch but to be a wiser bitch, something my Oma told me when I was really irritated one day. “It’s not about being the bigger bitch it’s about being the wiser bitch”

With all the mind games and tricks going on these days, it’s almost impossible to find “The one” so we resort to using online dating which coming from experience is the most useless crap ever. Don’t do it. I had tinder 3 times before I told myself that this was useless and th guys were just looking for a good time. Have enough respect for yourself to let the online dating go, become wiser and realize that childish games are not ok.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that in todays dating world you have to learn to play the game but in a wise manner and thats what I’ve learned . You have to just go on with your life and let it happen. Don’t plan.

Because of all this I’m no longer naive lonely desperate I’m happy and that’s what matters. As long as you make yourself happy, because quite honestly and i had to learn the hard way someone else will in no way make your life any better if you’re not happy to start off with. You cannot combine two problems and hope to make a fix.

This week I’m also going to be posting a video what will it be? A rant about dating perhaps or a make tutorial or both who knows actually haha.

Anyway that’s all for today and later I’ll be posting what this week’s tune of the week is.



My Tinder experience- Hook Up Heartbreak

Hey Beauties, so as promised this was my Tinder experience and My very first Hook-Up heartbreak i know most of us have dealt with these in the past and its time to face the facts.


I hope you all enjoy listening and feedback is always welcomed.

Thanks so much and have an amazing day.

P.s I just got my cartilage pierced and now my ear is screaming at me haha.



Fun and Flirty Valentine’s day makeup


Hey all,

So I know I haven’t updated all week  and I figured since yesterday was Valentine’s day that i’d do a flirty makeup look for all you beauties out there so if you want to know how i created the look above and the products i used keep reading!


First of all I know many of you out there use foundation or a tinted moisturizer almost everyday, I feel like with my skin tone and the price of my foundation i just don’t need it everyday per say so for this look, no foundation is needed, unless of course you feel like you need it. However in the new future I will be posting a review of the product I use which is “Bare minerals in liquid form” which is about $45 at Sephora.


For this look I used “Kat Von D’s * Tattoo Liner (liquid)”  purchased for $23 at Sephora. I made a thin line starting from the inner corner of the lid getting thinker as i proceed out and ended with a wing to add a bit of length and flare to my eyes, (waterproof, long lasting, no flaking)

Next i used  Sephora’s collection “#35- Romantic Comedy Contour eye pencil 24/h wear “(waterproof) for $12. outlining the water line and lash line for a smokey effect and going over top of the black liner just on the Winged part to brighten the top lid.

I then used “Revlon’s colorstay eye shadow palette” purchased for $12 at Shopper’s Drug Mart, using the lightest colour to highlight my brow bone and to open the eyes.

* Mascara and an eyelash curing is optional, I usually wear Almay One coat, Get up & Grow for Brown eyes Purchased for $12 from Shopper’s Drug Mart. *


The first one i used is called “Chocolate Soleil in medium/deep matte from Too Faced”, for $35 from Sephora.  I used this to create that Kylie Jenner cheek bone look, i wanted the effect of chiseled cheeks and this stuff actually smells like chocolate!

Second i wanted to also add a summery glow, because sadly here in Canada it was -27 degrees outside I’m pale as a ghost lo. So i used “DiorSkin Nude Tan in Light” which is a (Heathy glow enhancing powder) it adds a bit of sparkle to your face and makes it look like you just got off the plane. I purchased this for a whopping $60.  I placed this in a 3 motion on either side of my face and down my neck making it deeper at the cheeks to get more of a chiseled look.


Now before you go look for this brand it sadly has been discontinued which sucks but i made sure i stocked up on it before it left the stores and I’m sure there are a ton of products that are similar in colour.  I used “Marcelle cream blush in Colour Raspberry” purchased for $13 at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Placing this just on the apples of my cheeks giving me the “I’m alive look” lol!


To get that Kylie Jenner look, I’ve been watching Youtube tutorials and was recently at a photoshoot wear the makeup artist basically told its just over drawing your natural line above the cupid’s bow and just underneath your bottom lip in the centre with a nude coloured lipliner, that simple.

However for myself, i already a full Lip so what i do to make them just a tad fuller is i apply my Lip colour first which in the case it’s a “Baby Pink matte colour”, not sure wear i purchased this from considering the tube doesn’t have a label which sucks but sephora has many brands that carry basically  the same colour.

So after i apply the desired lip colour, i usually only do this if I’m wearing a gloss, chapstick, or a pink colour. i outline just the cupid’s bow and underneath the centre of the bottom lip with “Inner Rim Linner” from Tarte purchased for $23 at Sephora, smudging it in for an almost barely there plump. Now this product is actually supposed to be for the waterline making you have that “I’m awake effect” but i feel like it can be used aa a lip liner.

That’s all for now Beauties and i hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines’s Day Single or Not, I know I enjoyed my Netflix watching, lazy chocolate eating Day haha!





Google Images

Hey all,

So I’ve decided to post something each day within the week (monday-friday), here’s what you can expect!

Monday– Will be Motivational Monday consisting of heath tips and tricks, videos of workouts  , speeches etc

Tuesday– Will be “whats the tune of the week?”sharing my music obsession for the week

Wednesday– Will be Wisdom Wednesdays, I’ll be sharing my personal stories, from weightloss, boys , dating and more, giving advice etc

Thursday– These are tough days for me since I’m extremely busy, so they will be my catch up days, filler days random thing days haha!

Friday– Will be “fierce Fridays” consisting of major beauty hacks, tips, tricks and style ideas and maybe some reviews of some major products.. I’m a guilty Sephora lover

Thats all for now Beauties.



What’s the new tune of the week?

Hey all,

Now i know what you’re all wondering “what the heck is the tune of the week?

Well each week I’m going to post a a song thats my jam for that week, usually the music i listen to really shows what my mood is. I find music to be a big part of my life, whether I’m sad or happy a song can lift or drop my mood in a second, it can bring back a thousand memories, people say that pictures usually do that in which they do but for me is music. Music of all things brings back memories, the good, the bad, the ugly, the best. I guess it’s all about how you look at music, are you the type of person who just listens to the lyrics? or do you prefer the beat of the music itself?

Me? im a lyrical lisener, i prefer to really connect with lyrics, I’m  the type of women whose favourite song of the week, ay, moment, year will basically tell you all you need to know about me. However when it comes to dancing I’m all about the EDM suff almost like the rave music lol!

Anyway for now here is the song of the week, it’s literally been on repeat everyday, all day and i love it.. why the rhythm of the music itself is so soothing, and the lyrics are amazing .

Railroad track By Willy Moon

Video on youtube.com thanks to OfficialTMR

What’s your favourite song of the week?

That’s all for now beauties,